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How can I pay for my rental?

Credit card payment is the only option to pay for your hire car. You also need to show a credit card in your name when you pick up the vehicle.

How soon will you be able to confirm my reservation?

Most reservation will be confirmed within 24 hours. If you havent received your confirmation yet, please check your email spamfilter before contacting us.

Is there a fee for canceling or changing a reservation?

There never is a fee to change or cancel car hire bookings. Reservations are fully refundable at any time, unless canceled within less then 48 hours before the reservation takes place. All changes and cancellations must be processed by us and not through our overseas affiliates. If you return your vehicle early, no refund is given for any unused days.

What do I need when I pickup the vehicle?

You will always need to bring your reservation voucher. This voucher holds specific information concerning the hire car, the rate and other data. If you make a booking online or by telephone, the voucher will be sent to you by email or fax. At the pickup location a rental agreement must be signed.

Other then the voucher you will need to bring your passport (or valid ID card), drivers license and creditcard. If your license is printed in a language the local offices wont be able to read (Chinese for example), make sure to bring an international drivers license as well. No copies of any of the mentioned documents are accepted, you will need to bring the originals.

What kind of insurance can I get for my hire car?

All of our rates include third party liability and fire insurance. Collision Damage Waiver is included in all of our 'Inclusive' rates. 'Inclusive' rates will also include Theft insurance in most cases.

Collision Damage Waiver and theft insurance releases the client from full financial responsibility for the vehicle in case of an accident or theft. In most cases, the client will still be responsible for a deductible of some sort when collision and theft are purchased. Most car hire suppliers will offer insurance locally which can reduce the collision and theft deductible if the client wishes to do so.

With the exception of Italy, CDW is optional and a client always has the right to refuse it. If you do not wish to purchase CDW at the time of pick up, please note that you need to sign your initials on the 'Decline CDW' box on the Rental Agreement. If you refuse the CDW in order to use the coverage your credit card or personal insurance policy offers, please consider the facts below:

Credit Card Coverage:

Some credit cards only offer coverage for certain car types. Exempted with most cards:

  • Vehicles valued at over USD 50,000 (Mercedes-Benz 320, BMW 730, etc.)
  • Exotic cars or antique cars (over 20 years old or have not been manufactured in 10 years).
  • Off road or 4x4 vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, cargo vans, full sized vans and camper vans

Other credit card coverage concerns:

  • Coverage is limited to rentals under 30 days.
  • Some credit cards do not offer coverage for car hire in Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and travel into Eastern Europe.
  • To extend coverage, additional drivers must be listed on the european rental agreement.
  • Most credit cards will file a claim with the client's personal insurance company before they reimburse the deductible. This could affect your client's personal driving record and premium.
  • Most credit card companies require the repair bill paid directly by the client and have a specific time period for the client to submit documentation.
  • Most credit cards will not cover rentals if the card was issued outside the united states.

Personal Automobile Coverage

  • Coverage may be limited to the value of the car you own, not the rental.
  • Some policies will not cover a hire car unless it's due to the client's own personal car needing repairs.
  • The insurance premium could be raised because of the claim. The client could be put in a 'high risk' bracket and their insurance policy could be canceled.
  • Most policies do not cover damage or theft of personal possessions, third party liability or medical costs.

It is the client's responsibility to check with their credit card company or insurance carrier to determine their coverage.

Can I take the hire car into another country then the pickup country?

In some cases you can, in other cases you can't. You can do a quotation or make a reservation through our website, and the reservation department will contact you concerning the possibilities. If you don't want to continue with the quote and or booking, you can cancel at all times.

Can I make a reservation for someone else?

It is possible for anyone to make a booking through our website for someone else, and pay the amount with your creditcard. However, the person picking up the vehicle will need to bring a creditcard in his/her own name as well in order to pick up the vehicle.

Is it possible to rent a GPS navigation system with the hire car?

In some cases it's possible to rent a GPS system with your hire car. You need to fill out this requirement during the quotation. Our reservations department will contact you and inform you about the options available. There may be certain additional costs applicable, which need to be paid for locally.

Are there any additional costs involved?

Our rates are inclusive rates, so no additional costs should be applicable. In the event that there are are any additional costs, our reservations department will inform you prior to the pickup. Should you decide not to agree with these additional costs, you can cancel your reservation at all times.

I have a foreign drivers license, can I use your services?

Yes you can use our services, even if the own a foreign drivers license. Make sure to bring an international drivers license (translation) if the local office will not be able to read your drivers license (for example when it is written in Chinese).

What are the costs for an additional driver?

The rates for an additional driver vary per location. In some cases it's free, in other cases its a few dollars per day. Please supply your preference for an additional driver during the quotation or reservation online, and our reservation department will inform you about the costs involved prior to pickup. In case you dont agree with the extra costs involved, you can cancel your reservation for free and at all times.

Can I be sure that the selected vehicle is available?

If the vehicle you selected during the reservation is unavailable during pickup, we will supply you with a similair model. We always guarantee the category, but not the brand and or model.

How much is the 'one-way' fee?

The 'one-way' fees vary per location. After you have made a reservation or quotation, our reservation department will inform you about the costs involved prior to pickup. In case you dont agree with the extra costs involved, you can cancel your reservation for free and at all times.

Can the car be delivered to my location, for example the hotel I am staying at?

In some cases it is possible to have your vehicle delivered. Sometimes this involves additional costs. Please contact us if you want to have your car delivered somewhere.

How about high profile tyres, ski-racks and snowchains?

High profile tyres, ski-racks and snowchains are always on request, and not included in our rates. You will need to pay for these extra's locally when picking up the vehicle. In some cases high profile tyres and or snowchains are obligatorily.

How do I pay for optional extras?

Optional extras, not included in our rates, will have to be paid for locally at the time of pickup. These costs cannot be included within the voucher.