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On this page, you will find answers to the most frequently-asked questions.

My booking/reservation

When will my reservation be confirmed? Your reservation will be confirmed within 48 hours. In the event that you do not receive a confirmation, please check if your spam filter has marked the confirmation mail as spam. I have not yet received a confirmation. What should I do? Please contact us if you have not received your confirmation. Check your spam filter to see if the confirmation email has been marked as spam. How can I change or cancel my reservation? You can contact us through the contact form. If change or cancellation is at short notice (within 48 hours), we kindly ask you to contact us by phone. Do charges apply when I cancel or change my reservation?
There is no cancellation fee when we are advised 48 hours prior to the reserved rental start date. We do not charge any amendment fee up to 48 hours prior to the rental start date however should a reservation be amended the client will have to pay the rate available at the time of change. No refund is possible for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the reserved rental start date & time and for cancellations after the planned pick-up date. We do not refund should the client show up to the counter without a valid driver's license. We do not refund should the client present an invalid credit card at the counter. In case of a cancellation due to officially acknowledged Force Majeure we will only charge an administration fee of GBP 25. We do not refund any unused days if the customer does not show up, shows up late or returns the vehicle early.
Can I make a reservation for somebody else? It is of course possible to reserve a hire car for somebody else and pay for it with your own credit card. Please bear in mind that the person who collects the hire car must present his or her own credit card. This credit card must be used for the deposit in order to receive the hire car. Can I pay in another way? You can only pay by credit card. You must be able to present a credit card when collecting the vehicle in order to pay for the deposit. You cannot pay by cash. Presenting another person's credit card is not allowed either. I gave an incorrect email address when making the reservation. What should I do? You can contact us through the contact form or via our phone number. Please make sure to indicate your voucher number. What is Worry-Free? Finding the ideal rental vehicle is not always easy. What's a trustworthy rental company? Are there any hidden costs? Am I well-insured?

Our answer to all of these questions is the 'Worry-Free' package. This package is a label that indicates that the rental vehicle meets the following requirements: Unlimited mileage, zero deductible (or covered deductible), a favorable fuel policy and a rental company with good customer reviews. When you're choosing from vehicles that meet these four requirements, the choice becomes a lot easier.

Pick-up, use and return of my hire car

What do I need to pick up my hire car? You will always need to hand in your reservation voucher when collecting your hire car. These vouchers contain specific information concerning the hire car you have reserved, including pricing. Once you have booked, you will receive your reservation voucher by email. A rental agreement needs to be signed at the location where you pick up your hire car.

You need to bring your passport, driver's licence and credit card as well as the voucher. If your driver's license cannot be read by the car hire company (say it is in Chinese, for example), you will also need an international driver's licence with a translation of the details in your own driver's licence. Do not bring copies: only your original passport and driver's licence are valid.
Can I cross the border into another country with my hire car? It is often not a problem, although it is occasionally not permitted. Please mention the countries to which you wish to travel when making your car hire reservation. The reservation will be checked to see in which countries it is allowed. Special cross-border documents are occasionally required. Before making the reservation, please contact us by phone should you have any questions. Can you guarantee that I will receive the car type I select? If the car type you wish to select is not available, you will receive an equivalent model. Although we can guarantee the category, we cannot always guarantee the car brand or model. Can the hire car be delivered to another location: my hotel, for example? In some cases it is possible to deliver your hire car at a location of your choice, instead of the standard pick-up location as stated in your reservation. An additional charge can apply. Please contact us for more information. How much deposit do I pay when I collect my hire car? The deposit depends on the specifications of your booking and the car rental company. The minimum deposit consists of your excess, fuel, VAT and any extras (GPS, car seats, etc.). The exact amount of your deposit will be calculated at your pickup location and must be paid by credit card. Can I pick up or return my hire car early in the morning or late in the evening? Returning the car outside opening hours is usually not a problem. Most car hire companies have a special key box to drop your keys. A special request has to be sent to the car hire company to collect your vehicle outside opening hours. Additional charges may also apply. Can I return my hire car at an earlier date than stated in my reservation? You can return your hire car earlier than stated in your reservation, although we cannot reimburse you for the unused days. Where can I find the exact pick-up and return locations? The information is stated in your reservation and on the voucher that you will receive from us. For car hire companies at the airport that are not easy to find, the additional information is often mentioned on the voucher. How much is a one-way fee? The one-way fee can vary per location and per car hire company. The amount will be shown in the reservation form after you have selected a car from the list. Is my foreign driver's licence valid to reserve a hire car? If your driver's licence cannot be read by the car hire company (suppose it is in Chinese, for example), you will need to bring an international driver's licence as well. This international driver's licence includes a translation of your regular driver's licence.

Additional options and possibilities

Can I rent a GPS Navigation System with my hire car? A GPS navigation system can often be hired as well. Please indicate the options you require, including a GPS navigation system, when you make the booking. We will provide you with a cost estimate. The exact costs will be calculated at the pick-up location based on the additional options. These costs must be paid by credit card. What are the costs for an additional driver? The rates for an additional driver differ per location. An additional driver is free of charge in some cases, in others you will be charged a few euros per day. Can I also hire a child car seat when I make the reservation? Hiring a car seat for your baby or child is often possible. Please indicate the options you require (including the child seat) when making the reservation. We will provide you with a cost estimate. The exact costs must be paid by credit card and will be calculated at the pick-up location based on the additional options. Can I rent winter tyres, ski racks or snow chains with my hire car? This is possible in some cases. Please indicate the options you require, including winter tyres, ski racks or snow chains, as you make your reservation. We will provide you with a cost estimate. The exact costs will be calculated at the pick-up location based on the additional options. They must be paid by credit card. How do I pay for optional extras? The costs of extras on request are not included in the price and must always be paid by credit card on location. When making your booking, we will provide an estimate of the expected costs for your extras. The exact amount will be calculated at the pick-up location, where your credit card will be charged. Are there any applicable additional charges? Our rates are all-inclusive. Our reservation department will inform you in advance should additional costs apply. You can always cancel your booking free of charge if you do not agree (this must be done at least 48 hours prior to the start of the car hire period).


What do the Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection offer? The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) release you from financial responsibility with respect to your rental car in the event of damage or theft. In most cases, you must still pay an excess. Most car rental companies offer insurance to reduce this.

In certain countries, we offer specific products for the subsequent refund of your excess in the event of damage or theft. The only condition is that you provide us with the police report AND damage report afterwards.

The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) does not cover damage to the rental car tyres, windows, mirrors, undercarriage, roof, interior or key.

Theft Protection (TP) does not apply to any personal belongings you leave in the rental car. Your own travel insurance may compensate you for this type of theft. Never leave your belongings on view: take them with you or put them in the boot. Otherwise, this will not be covered by your travel insurance.
What does Third Party Insurance mean? This insurance covers physical injury and material damage caused to others (all other persons than those travelling in the hire car; not the driver, not the passengers). The coverage can vary per country or per county (UK). Within the European Union and many other countries, the coverage is more than sufficient. For countries where the coverage may be insufficient, the car hire company offers an additional insurance with higher coverage such as EP=Extended Protection, ALI=Additional Liability Insurance, LIS=Liability Insurance Supplement. What other insurances are available? Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Coverage (PEC)
The Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Effects Coverage can be insured locally or by means of a travel insurance. Please note that this is optional and not inclusive.

Credit cards: Insurances and Coverage
Since insurances and coverage can vary per credit card company, we kindly ask you to contact the respective company. You can also ask if the coverage only applies if the transaction or deposit is charged to the specific credit card.
What does reimbursement of the excess mean? In the event of damage, you will be required to pay the rental company the excess first. We will then reimburse you afterwards. In short, you carry no risk and, if you incur any damage, it will cost you nothing at all.

The only condition is that you send us the necessary documents in the event of damage: proof of the amount paid, police report, damage report, etc.
What insurances apply to my hire car? In most cases the rates include liability insurance and fire insurance. The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) are typically also included in our rates.