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Article overview
Worry Free

Car rental without the hassle thanks to Worry-Free

Should I take out full excess cover? Which insurance policies do I need as a minimum? And which rental company is right for me? All these difficult questions must be answered when you want to rent a car for your holiday. We think this is totally unnecessary. That's why we came up with Worry-Free. This is a selection of the very best cars, which comply with the most important requirements.

Car rental without the hassle thanks to Worry-Free

Which requirements must a Worry-Free car comply with?

It's not easy for a hire car to join our Worry-Free selection. Only the very best cars are included. As a result, you can be sure everything is organised properly and that you won’t face a huge bill when you return the car. To be included, these cars must comply with four strict requirements.

Excess cover

What happens if the hire car incurs damage or is stolen? No problem. These cars are insured for this as standard, although you often have to pay a large excess. As such, it's a good idea to take out excess cover. Cars with the Worry-Free label have zero excess or the excess is covered by us, so we pay for the damage. Read more about insurance and excess All about insurance & deductibles

Economical fuel policy

Your hire car will always have a full tank when you collect it, and you also return it with a full tank. This is much cheaper than paying for the petrol in advance and having the rental company fill the tank for you. This is because you will know for sure that you only pay for what you really use. Want to save even more? Check which petrol station has the lowest price. Read more about the fuel policy

Unlimited kilometres

Regardless of whether you drive 100 or 1,000 kilometres per day, it will cost you nothing extra. This means you won't face a huge bill afterwards because you've unexpectedly driven more than you anticipated, or because you took the wrong exit too often. That's one less thing to worry about.

High rental company customer satisfaction

Only the best rental companies are included in our Worry-Free selection. This means rental companies must have a high average customer satisfaction score. The score is based on the reviews of people who have previously rented a car from this company.


The Worry-Free label makes choosing much easier, and so it's no surprise that most customers choose a hire car from this selection. You can read more in the frequently-asked questions below. Can't find an answer to your question? Then please contact us.

Do I have to pay extra for Worry-Free? Not necessarily. This is because it isn't an extra package that you buy, but a label that is awarded to a car if it complies with our requirements. Cars that don't comply with the Worry-Free requirements may be less well insured, or the number of kilometres you can drive without paying extra may be limited. This means the price may be lower than a Worry-Free car. However, it may mean that you will face extra costs afterwards. Do I need more insurance than the insurance included as standard? All cars from EasyTerra have CDW, Third Party Insurance and Theft Protection as standard. In addition, it may make sense to choose extended cover or excess cover. This depends on your wishes and situation. The excess is always covered for cars in the Worry-Free selection, so you never pay it yourself. Read more about insurance and excess here. All about insurance & deductibles What if the car I want doesn't have the Worry-Free label? This means it doesn't comply with one or more requirements as described on this page. Is the excess not covered? Then you can state that you wish to cover this during the ordering process, and we'll arrange it for you. If it concerns one of the other requirements, you should decide yourself if it is important that the car complies with the Worry-Free requirements, or if you would still prefer to rent the car that you first considered. Do I still have to pay a deposit for Worry-Free cars? Probably. Most rental companies charge a deposit, which you pay by credit card when you collect the car. Because the excess is covered for cars with the Worry-Free label, this amount will be refunded to you, even if the car incurs damage. In this case, we will pay the damage for you. It's wise to check the rental conditions, as some damages, such as damage to tires or windows, are not always covered What happens if the car incurs damage? If this happens, you first pay the relevant amount to the rental company when your return the car. It is important that you contact us immediately so we can refund the damage as soon as possible. We will require the following documents from you:

- Rental agreement
- Damage report from the car rental company
- Police report or a written statement from the police in the case of a one-sided accident
- Proof of payment and/or a copy of the credit card statement

Once you have made a booking, you will receive a voucher by e-mail. This describes, in clear language, what you must do in the event of damage or theft.
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